Upload/Download failed on Android, desktop client works


Running Seafile on a Raspberry Pi in local network. Set it up according to https://manual.seafile.com/deploy/using_mysql.html, NOT configured behind Apache/Nginx, no SSL.

Upload and download works well on Mac OS desktop client as well as with web interface.
It lacks with Android client with message “Upload failed” or “Download failed”. Browsing the librarys works.

I cannot find any hint in Seafile log files.

My Seafile configuration:
SERVICE_URL: http://raspberrypi.local:8000
FILE_SERVER_ROOT: http://raspberrypi.local:8082

Server version 6.0.6
Android client version 2.1.7

Any idea?

Thanks, Christoph

Unfortunately I can’t use the Android app with this issue.
I will use Folder Sync to sync via WebDAV instead.

I think that line should be: FILE_SERVER_ROOT = ‘http://raspberrypi.local:8082/seafhttp
Not sure if that makes a difference in your case.

Hi Simsala,
thanks for your hint, but this doesn’t work. With this setting I can’t even upload/download via web interface.
In my understanding, the “/seafhttp” location requires seafile to be configured with Nginx or Apache as described in the seafile server manual.