Upload Folders with the Cloud File Browser

I understand that it is difficult to implement and maintain this feature for web browsers.
They all need their own implementation and they all handle files in a different way.

But right now there is no way of uploading a complete folder (recursively) to an unsynced library. Or is there?

Wouldn’t that be a function that could be implemented in the Cloud File Browser that comes with the client?

This function is in pro edition (if you use the client with a pro edition server) currently. But we have a plan to move it to community edition.


But be aware: This function is only partly helpful as it produces different hash-values so that a later sync (using the desktop client) with the same folder will create a conflict file for each file that has been uploaded before using your web browser.

I think, there should be a warning concerning this problem when uploading from the webbrowser interface.

Best regards,

Very good to hear that @daniel.pan. I hope it happens in the near future.
The next release seems to be a good oportunity :wink: