Upload link bug on mobile devices

There is a bug in the upload links. When selecting multiple files on a mobile device only the first one will be uploaded. This occurs in different Seafile version up to the latest and with at least two different android phones.

  1. create upload link through seahub
  2. open upload link on a mobile device
  3. select multiple files e.g. 3 images
  4. only one of them will be uploaded instead of all of them
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Will anyone answer on that bug ? I have the same… :frowning:

I just tested it with Seafile 7.1.5 CR and Chrome on Android 10. I had no problem to upload three files at once. All of them were uploaded.

Why with Chrome ? I just installed app, clicked upload multiple pictures and just one has been sent - this is embarassing. What is the purpose of mobile app if it can not upload many pictures ??

i tried to reproduce the steps that @shoeper described.
After i created a upload link on the webinterface, i sent it to me via email, opened this link on my mobile device => this opened Chrome. Thats why Chrome.

For only uploading files with the mobile app i don’t need an upload link. And uploading multiple files also wirked fine right now for me with app version 2.2.25

I really like the auto upload function of taken pictures

I think that is another bug. Maybe the one above was solved in the meantime.

I will just create new topic because this is too much important. Thanks. In Seafile-Client forum.

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