Upload links should have an option to allow downloads too

Copying this over from the German forum as I still think this is very valid:

Sometimes, I want to work with clients who should not need to worry about Seafile. I give them an upload link to share files and also a corresponding download link so that they can get files I put in that folder. So they can add files, download files but not remove files.

It’s cumbersome, though, and hard to explain why they need two links.

I propose to allow download in the share dialog and add that functionality to the upload links (when download was checked).

This would be a huge usability improvement and maybe a low-hanging fruit to implement.


Another bump. Upload-links are such a great feature. It makes absolutely no sense to force people to use two links if you want them to be able to download, too.


oh yeah. pretty please.

Necro-bumping. How is this not already a feature? This is a complete show-stopper for working with non-tech people.

this is available in the pro version already. still waiting for the release into the CE version too.

I’m also still actively waiting for that in the CE version.


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