Upload local image not working in firefox md editor

In firefox, the md editor doesn’t work correctly such as Upload local image.

See your own question: Warning when editing markdown file

Thanks. but then it is not for a better experience. Some functionalities are not working. Then the warning message should be changed.

I don’t disagree with your statement about the correctness of the notification.

I do disagree with you when it comes to the consequence: I think rather than changing the notification, this obvious bug should be fixed.

I know that the Seafile developers are working on the Markdown editor. So I am pretty sure it will be fixed soon. Until then, just use the workaround: Upload the picture to Seafile and insert the image from a library then. All these functions works as they should.

Yes. I know that they are working. Just wanted to report the issue :slight_smile:

We are already using the workaround.