Upload multiple files from mobile device


when using the seafile android app to upload many files at the same time (e.g. selecting 50 pictures within the gallery and send it to the seafile app) it really takes ages until the seafile app shows the target folder selection dialog. Is anybody else experiencing the same issue?

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Hi I just tried with my phone a Galaxy Note 8 I selected 50 high resolution photos and the start of transfer start immediately …
Seafile android 2.2.4

I have the same seafile for Android version. My android version is 6.0.1.
You really have no delay from having the selected images send to the seafile app and then be able to select the folder to upload them to?
I also tried it with a large video (~400MB).the behavior is identical. Selecting a single image and send it to seafile is fast. It looks like the more data is selected the longer I have to wait for the selection dialog.

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I experienced the same behaviour yesterday, when I uploaded a 128 MB video from android 8 to seafile. It took a long time until I could select the destination folder. Client version is 2.2.4.