Upload OK... Download fails

I’m running Seafile in Docker… I can upload from PC, but I cannot download to other devices, specifically, other PCs and Android devices.

When I attempt a download from a PC, it begins transfer and gets to 6%, then stalls and times out.

What’s next. Thanks!

Have you checked the log files?

Thanks for responding. I got it to work after trying innumerable URLs for the SERVICE_URL and the FILE_SERVER_ROOT.

I never want to go through that again!

Hi, I have the same issue since I switched to HTTPS via WSL/NGINX.
What ended up working for you?
Already sitting here for days… Would really appreciate it.
Web-page & uploads are working. Downloads get stuck at 0-205 kb.
Current settings (h ttps = https):
h ttps://my-secret-server.de
h ttps://my-secret-server.de/seafhttp


I ended up where you are, after trying local IP and WAN IP. I’m running on Docker (which I deleted, and rebuilt) and connecting via Cloudflare tunnel.

I don’t have a good answer for you.