Upload scan documents using seafdav?

Dear Community,

We are using Recoh Printer to scan documents. I want to upload scan documents to seafile server using seafdav. Can I configure seafdav address in Recoh printer address book ? is it work ? is there any workaround?

Below is Recoh address book configuration option.


From the image it looks like Recoh printer supports SMB and FTP. SeafDAV on the other hand is WebDAV. As your printer does not support WebDAV this doesn’t work.

As a workaround you could mount a Seafile folder using davfs2 on a server and make it available using SMB or FTP.

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Thanks a lot @shoeper , could you please guide me how I can mount a Seafile folder using davfs2 ?? Any manual link? Thanks in advance

Thanks a lot, Got it.

To use davfs2

sudo apt-get install davfs2

sudo mount -t davfs -o uid= https://example.com/seafdav /media/seafdav/

The -o option sets the owner of the mounted directory to so that it’s writable for non-root users.

It’s recommended to disable LOCK operation for davfs2. You have to edit /etc/davfs2/davfs2.conf

use_locks 0

This should be local linux users or seafile user? ?

The local linux user that should be allowed to access the files (so the one FTP / SMB runs as).