Uploading/Downloading percentage status misleading

This is to raise awareness on the message it is given about the synchronising libraries.
Right after we decide to synchronise a library the process starts and you get the spinning circle on the right together with the percentage “Downloading/Uploading” 40%.
I’ve realised this percentage is relative to the current file or folder being analysed by the process.
This was quite misleading for my users and I must agree with them: users are interested in the overall percentage rather then the percentage related to the current file.
Maybe this can be changed including both the information like
“Currently uploading/downloading Documents/Reports 90%
Overall Status 30%”
Ore something like that.
By the way is there currently any way to see the overall status of the process if i’m synching big libraries?
Thank you

There is no such feature yet.

We will improve the percentage show when we finish other more important task (like encrypted library support in the drive client).


Great! Thank you Daniel :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed the Sync client is terrible for saying it’s finished synchronizing when it’s uploading a large number of files when actually it hasn’t it’s just done with that batch.

Infact I turned off the notifications in OSX when syncing a folder full of wallpapers (used in a rotation script) as it kept popping up every few minutes.