Uploading duplicate filenames within different folders

HI all

I can’t seem to find anything about this issue, so here goes.

I have SeaFile Pro running on Ubuntu 16.04
Works well, apart from this issue.

If I have a folder structure like this:


  • Subfolder1
  • Subfolder2
  • Subfolder3

And in each of those Subfolders, I have a file called sample.doc
The file is called the same in each subfolder.

When I copy the folder structure to SeaFile, it fails.
It will create the folder structure, as long as there’s a file in it, but won’t copy the file.
If the folder is empty it doesn’t seem to create that folder.

In the seafile.log file, I see entries like this:
repo-op.c(1181): [post multi-file] Failed to post files to

Oddly, if I copy the structure to the root of a shared library, it works. If I copy to a subfolder of my library it works, but not if I start going sub,sub,sub folder.

The folders don’t seem to have any special characters, nor are they long.

Is this a bug (feature)?