Uploading files

hi all, i am new here, i’d like to seek for an answer with my questions below, hope to be solved, thanks all of you

  1. i use seafile on window 7 platform and iphone 6, i can’t upload any files without wifi successfully, how can this be fixed?
  2. can i use my own host name without ending :8000?

Please checkout the community manual as it will guide you through setting up everything correctly.

Then uploading should work just fine.

now can successfully download and upload under same wifi, how can it work under 3G platform when i at office?
i cant “search” similar solution in community manual


if by 3G you mean the mobile network, then the servers need to be internet facing. Caution if you do not know what you are doing do not proceed with this as there are lots of security issues when connection anything to the internet which allows inbound connections.

what should i do then, Andrew?
i can not up/download only by mobile network, i have no problem with wifi connection when i at home.:sob:

I take it the seafile server is on the home network ?

what do you mean by, Andrew?

i setup a seafile in my home computer, sign up a domain in noip, and then made some setting, but no response on up/downloading by using mobile network.

When you say mobile network , do you mean your phone provider and not wifi. I take it works on wifi ?
If so that is expected, as to put seafile on he internet is a sspecial set of settings, which is done wrong could lead to your computer being hacked.