Uploading issue - Seafile Pro 2.5.5 [iPad]

hi, I’m getting the following error when I’m browsing my pictures with apple’s builtin app and trying to upload a picture via “save to seafile”:

I can wait as long as i want… nothing changes. small pictures - big ones - it doesnt matter.

Might be a deeper issue, cause:

  • uploading those pictures works, if I open up the seafile app and try to upload from within the seafile app (plus symbol). But that is just a workaround - being able to upload from any place (so using “save to seafile”) means a significant usability boost.
  • android app works flawlessly
  • desktop clients working flawlessly
  • web service is working flawlessly


  • up-to-date ubuntu 16.04.1
  • seafile server 6.0.7 x64
  • desktop clients 6.0.1
  • no encryption active
    (it didnt work with 6.0.5 x64 either)

huge thanks for any help in advance!

We will look into the issue.

thanks a lot daniel! if you need further information please just let me know.

by the way: iOS version of iPad is 10.1.1 (latest version)

fyi: updated today to iOS 10.2 > same issue.

Hi, I have the same issue mentioned above with my configuration. Uploading with “Save to seafile” result in an “Uploading (Null)”. Furthermore if I would like to upload a file within the Seafile File Browser of my Linux Client (Seafile-Applet) it results in an error with my ssl protocoll.

My configuration is a own Seafile Server that works like a charm beside the mentioned problems (all ssl encrypted, nginx webserver, mariadb).

Please fix the problems.

Regards Gregor

Hi Daniel,

any update on that matter?