Usability Improvement for Seahub

Dear developer,

is it possible to implement the two points below?

1) go directly to “All Groups” by clicking on "Shared with groups"
current behavior
I have to click on “Shared with groups” and then select which one or all

expected behavior
I click on “Shared with groups” and “All groups” is preselected and shows me all shared library.
A second click is only necessary if I prefer only shared library to a specific group.

2) focus on all password fields
current behavior
If I use 2FA or switch to system admin panel, I have to click into the password field.

expected behavior
The focus is already at the password fields and I can type the passwords without clicking in the field.

regards Patrick


+1 for the 2 nd request

Thanks for the suggestion. We will implement the second one soon.


and what about the first one?
It’s really annoying to click twice to see something.


+1 for the first request.

All other functions available from within the left menu panel

When you select an entry in the navigation area on the left site of the screen, the result of your action is shown in the main area on the right side. Selecting »Shared with groups« is the only exception. This definitely confuses users, because they do not expect it. This is a frequent experience when talking to new customers or giving an introduction to a group of scientists about Seafile can be used as an collaboration tool.

I suggest that selecting »Shared with groups« will display my groups in the main (right side) area of the screen as choosing »My Libraries« results in displaying the list of my libraries.

The function for creating a new group should also be found in the same place as the function for creating a new library: On the right side of the grey bar on top of the main area.

Best regards


PS: Being boringly consistent is a big compliment for an user interface. :wink:

After checking Google analytics and AWS console web interface, both behave the same as Seahub currently do. That is when clicking the expandable label, it only show sub-labels, instead of showing the content of a sub-label. So I think this behaviour is more “standard”.

really? But standard means not intuitive or user friendly.

scheff get it to the point

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