Use repo tags, to filter displayed files when viewing library contents

In seahub, you have the ability to tag individual files in a library. These appear to store in the database under “repo-tags”. These tags then display above the displayed contents of the library. You can click them to show a list of all files with the tag, however this does not show image previews and is frustrating to scroll through.

Would it be possible to sort the list of files by tag? also sort by untagged while going through your library’s contents? if not, is it possible to request a feature? I’d pay for the paid seafile, but they don’t have a raspberry pi version.


I am looking for this exact same feature! I suppose nobody answered you regarding this feature?

No nobody’s gotten to me yet. I cant see anything like it on the road map, i’ve also tried the pro version as opposed to the community version and it’s not there. I dont know if this is on the roadmap or not.

Gotten to the point that i’ve started looking into writing my own solution. though i’d rather not do the dev work myself at the moment

I had the same idea of possibly implementing something on my own. Unfortunately, that would require a lot of communication with the Seafile team and some sort of UI/UX design because it would fundamentally change the behavior of clicking a tag. But perhaps, if all that gets sorted out I could participate in this.

You are right. There is nothing on the roadmap regarding tags/labels. This said: There is very little on the roadmap anyway :wink:

Why don’t you go ahead and specify your ideas and requirements in greater detail? Possibly even provide a mockup? This way, the Seafile developers will have something a bit more specific when they prepare the development priorities for the time after the release of Seafile 8.0.

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Ok, so here’s what i was thinking. So, the picture attached as a red box on the table in the library view. I was thinking that maybe you could click on the “Filter by” text and it would pop up a list of all tags available to that library. So when you click the tags, a little colored circle appears by filtered by, for each tag, like they do in the regular view to indicate you selected something. When you close the filter menu, the library view only shows files that have the indicated tags in the list. Also i would like an option for “none” and it would only display files without tags.

please note, my screen dosnt actually look smudgy, information was blurred out for privacy.

additionally there should be a way to tag libraries (i.e. group them) and display all tagged libraries/folders/files of a given tag from the left hand bar under “tools”. This should also be able to do from the sync-client.