Use Seafile as Backupservice for all Data? [Maybe a litte bit Offtopic...]

Hello together,

until now i only have Documents which i might need from other locations and my music Library on Seafile - which are around ~160GB.
But now I am thinking about a other backup solutions for my PCs at home. Has any advanced Home-User tried to put 1.5TB Data (also picture and video archives, imagefiles of Raspberry Pis, ā€¦) into seafile as backup? If yes - what were your experiences? Or would you recomend annother backup solution (like rdiff-backup for example) to secure your files from HDD-faults and ransomware?

I am happy to hear what the Seafile community thinks about that :slight_smile:


Iā€™m using Seafile for some family members and myself with currently 1.7 TB of Data. The setup is running since January 2016. So far I had no issues or problems with my HDDs (using 4 WD Reds in RAID 5 configuration).

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