User account from ldap also in seafile database

I’m using LDAP to authenticate my users via ActiveDirectory. Two users, who are administrators, are Database users inside Seafile and also LDAP users. If I log in, the account is authenticated via LDAP. I have no errors or any strange effects, but in the Account settings I see the password change link.
Maybe this is a problem from a previous version of seafile. I remember that it was not possible to have an LDAP user to be a system administrator inside Seafile. Back then I had two users, one inside DB with admin permissions for administrativ tasks and one via LDAP for normal file sync business. These two users had different email addresses for login and were completely separated.
Then there was a version where it was possible to set an LDAP user as an Admin in seafile. And if I remember correctly, the user was then added to the local Database with the same email Address.
I have just set a new LDAP user as an Admin and with version 6.0.8 the user is not created as a Database user.

My Question now is, what would happen if I delete the duplicated User Account from the seafile DB. Will I loose my Admin rights? What will happen to my Libraries? Any Idea how to back up the Data if it will be lost during the removal?

Any help or suggestion would be nice :slight_smile: