User account invalid (with LDAP connection successful)

Hello !

so my seafile server is successfully connect with may openldap server.
user ldap OK

now user can login with ours login/password.

but if an admin look the user account there is an error:

and if a user try to share to this account:

I think I cant use I can’t use LOGIN_ATTR = mail because I can have more than one user for one mail !!!

I you can help me !

As written in our document, you have to use email like field as user identification. It can be email or userPrincipleName.

If you’d like to user login via login name, you have to use pro edition and the LDAP/AD sync feature to sync user login name to Seafile’s “login-id” field. While userPrincipleName synced to Seafile as a unique identifier for a user. The identifier can hidden from normal users daily usage.