User list, forget the password, can not be an activation email, it was problematic all

I have a problem when registering not find a page to send the activation email, how to solve this problem?
images :

register does not work, why?

the password is not sent to the email, why?
images : and

Can’t assist much on the first two errors but on the last do you have you email SMTP settings entered correctly in /conf/ ? Some providers will make you use a third party password instead of your normal password. (For example Apple’s iCloud you must use a third party app password for it to work.)

Can the system send an email for example when you share a library, or folder or etc or do you receive an error for that as well?

I’ve been set but it still does not work properly, I followed the official tutorial

Did you check the log files for errors ?

whch seafile version do you use?
do you run seafile server on the system in the screens or on a other system?
pls provide your conf files here

en la configuración de yo ocupe todo este codigo , esta bien ?

-- coding: utf-8 --

SECRET_KEY = “###########”

‘default’: {
‘ENGINE’: ‘django.db.backends.mysql’,
‘NAME’: ‘seahub-db’,
‘USER’: ‘seafile’,
‘PASSWORD’: ‘########’,
‘HOST’: ‘’,
‘PORT’: ‘3306’


EMAIL_HOST =‘’ # smpt server

EMAIL_HOST_USER =‘’ # username and domain

EMAIL_HOST_PASSWORD =‘password’ # password


Please edit to english, ty.