Users without right to create libraries/links



we are using Seafile as a tool to exchange data with our customers. Mostly download links are sufficient. As we also want to receive data via Seafile we also need the option that externals can upload data. The upload links are an option, but have the disadvantage that the external users can’t create subdirectories or even see what has been already uploaded. We can of course create real user accounts for them but then they would be able to create their own libraries and download/upload links (worst case: use our server for their own file sharing).

Is there a way to prevent the creation of libraries/links for individual users?
Or any other solution for our purpose?



What about guest users with a shared libary where they’ve admin permissions?


Could you please elaborate a little bit more?

What do you mean with guest users and admin permissions?



On Pro you can create guest users with no abilities and share are libary to them where they can upload. Else the customers have to place everything in a folder and upload it.

Best option: Write a special upload interface, where you can add all features you want to have


Please have a look at


Understood. Unfortunately we don’t have the Pro version:-(

This additional feature would be highly appreciated, but I’m afraid that this will not be enough to convince the accounting department for releasing the budget (~70 users -> 3k€).