Using Seafile as media repository for Kodi

I am using Seafile as a data warehouse containing media files for Kodi.
Kodi is installed on a Raspberry Pi in the same network.

I have configured webdav access, but it does not work well. Kodi does connect to Seafile, but the connection is unstable and regularly lost.

I wonder if one of those options worked better:

  • Use Seafile FUSE to have a symbolic folder on the machine with Seafile, that I could mount on the Raspberry Pi using NFS
  • Use davfs2 rather than kodi’s native webdav feature

Has someone an advice which solution might work best?
Intuitively I would prefer the NFS mount because webdav provides write permissions on the seafile server which are not needed for Kodi.

I use SeaDrive for this. In fact, I use SeaDrive indirectly, as I cannot install it on my Kodi box, I’ve installed it on a VM, and my Kodi box mount this through sshfs. It’s working nicely.

Thank you, I will try to install SeaDrive on the Raspberry Pi.
May I ask why you cannot do it that way? Are you concerned that the Raspberry Pi is too weak to deal with that or is there another reason?

OK, it seems like there is no Seafile version for ARM chips, so no way to install it on the Raspberry Pi.

I’m not running a RasPi, but another ARM based HTPC appliance, for which there’s no SeaDrive available. I could have tried to build it, but it was easier to use an SSHFS mount point as I already have tons of other VM running

Seadrive on raspberry Pi - #11 by fakuivan you could try using this to build the required packages.