Various issues after 2 years. Users or software?

First off, a warm “Thank You” to everyone involved with making a really good alternative to the other popular cloud storage services out there. I have been using Seafile now for a couple of years and up until recently have had little to no issues. Before Jan '17 we had 5 or 6 users and then, almost overnight, we have 15 users and over half of them are syncing on 2 or more devices. Lately some issues have caused us to look at alternatives. Here is what I am experiencing:

Some clients just quit syncing
Sometimes when moving/combining folders, after a minute or two it just reverts back canceling the work you just spent in restructuring files.
Sometimes when deleting files/folders they come right back after 10 minutes or so.
Constant conflict issues.

Any help in fixing these issues would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know if any logs or files need to be submitted.

What is the server backend?

I/O or RAM could be the bottleneck.

@DerDanilo Thanks for the quick reply, brother!!! As for your question, the server backend is Seafile Server for Windows v6.0.7 running on a Windows Server 2012 VM (Hyper-V). Host machine has a Xeon E5-2620 and 32GB of ECC RAM and the VM has 6 virtual processors and 4GB RAM assigned to it.

Anything else you need?

If you run Windoof, give it more RAM, 8GB and watch the system via ressource monitor.

Did you check the logs?
Any antivurs running on the server?
What storage backend? (underlaying RAID etc)
What webserver? If IIS remove and use a nginx or at least apache proxy.
Make sure all are using the correct client version.

I strongly recommend that you use Linux if you want good results!

I have more than 200 users on my machine alone with a RAID 10 and 4 discs, no Cache. Works perfectly.
The hosts who holds my VM has about 16 Seafile hosts (Linux only) all with minimum 10 clients. Storage can be a bottleneck, but doesn’t always have to be as you see.

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I don’t know what Windoof is, but I dont mind adding more RAM.
I have checked logs, but I get lost and confused by them as they are not the most readable ones I have seen.
Only antivirus running is Windows Defender.
Storage is just SATA, no RAID at the moment, backups are made onto another SATA drive and a USB stick.
IIS is running, but not really being used for anything other than our TFS environment and that is rarely used.
It is true that not everyone’s client is up to date. Some might be using 6.0.4 and others 6.0.6, but please tell me that this cannot be the cause of it.

Right now I am dealing with some very upset employees and CEO as some of the clients that had not been syncing (some were just not syncing others would crash when started) got rebooted last night when everyone got updates installed. When they came back online Seafile decided to take the copy on the server and overwrite all their local, MUCH newer copies of their work, setting us back over a week.

Again, than you very, very much for helping me figure this our @DerDanilo

hi @Lyfesaver,

“windoof” is just another expression for windows in Germany… :wink:
You would probably translate it to “windumb”, but its a widely spread term that linux power users and admins use… Even windows admins…

That being said, back to your issues.
Your problem of server versions being restored overwriting the copies on the client computers as well as the conflicting file issues sound like timestamp mismatches to me.
Do clients and server use the same ntp host? Do they share the same time zone (regarding the settings :wink: ) ?.
Otherwise it is more than only possible that seafile decides to use the (not really) newer version of the file from the server side… Timing is always crucial to syncing applications. Even some websites wouldn’t be available if your time settings were way off the charts…

I have to second @DerDanilo preferring linux over windows if you want good results.
In the last couple of months we had a few customers running into problems on Windows installations for various reasons.
For non of those Seafile was to blame. Honestly.

Hope to be of help.


I can migrate Seafile from Windows to Linux for you via remote connection and you can watch via teamviewer if you wish. What DB backend do you use? Please send me your email via PM.
And don’t worry about getting it running and keep it running in Linux, Linux also has a GUI.

Anyways check the NTP as @oliverjkb already suggested.
Client version close to the running major server version are usually fine and compatible.

I really suggest to put Seafile on a RAID or SSD if multiple users are to use it and you want it to be responsive. :wink:

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I am going into the office tomorrow and will look at everyone’s time settings. See is any are off and I suspect that is actually one of the problems. I will also look at setting up a Ubuntu VM and I might take you up on that off @DerDanilo. I will let you know soon. Also, much thanks to @oliverjkb for offering some tips. You guys ROCK!

please ask before you setup the Linux VM, important steps during setup require attention.

Much success for your trouble hunting!

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The first thing you can try is to make sure every user is using up-to-date Seafile client. Some old clients have issues with file syncing, which cause your problems. After upgrading the clients, you can try to re-sync the mis-behaving libraries.