Version history for libraries of departments/groups

Hi there,
I am trying to . enable the version history for libraries that are owned by a group/department. I managed to enable it for all my personal libraries but had no success for group owned libraries.
Is there any trick?

Hi Nils,
good question! The default history setting for group-owned libraries is “keep full history”. So there is no need to enable it.

More generally speaking, only the department admin can manage the history settings of group-owned libraries. The department admin can change the history settings for group-owned libraries just like for any other library. Click on the advanced settings icon, choose “History Setting” and voilà (see below).

Last but not least, let me say this: I agree. System admins should also be able to change the history settings of department libraries.

I’m trying to do this also.

Even tough I set myself as the admin for the Department I still don’t get the option even under my normal user. I don’t see the option to change the History Setting for the Departments I’m the only admin for.

Working on the Pro Docker version.

Is there any alternative way of changing the History Setting for Libraries in groups and departments.

Thank you.


Yes, it works as described. Just tested in Seafile PE 8.0.

You can probably also change the setting by manipulating the database directly. This is not recommended.

Hi @rdb See my screenshots below, it does not work for me:
Here is the Administrator panel

Here is in my user panel:

@rdb By Default this setting is turned off under settings, so the users don’t change it. But I even enabled it for this and its still not giving me the option.

If you look at this, you can see that the department is the owner of the Library, this might be the reason that I cannot change the history, but there is also no way for me to change the owner.

This is under all groups. Want to pull my hair out over this.

Which server version do you use?
Do you use a custom CSS?

This is the idea behind departments that libs belong to them rather than a user. This is not the cause.

@rdb Hi Ralf,

I use the latest Docker pro version from Seafile they build it to : Server Version: 6.3.13

I don’t know how I could get the latest version into docker, I don’t understand why they are not updating the docker version ever.

I don’t use any custom CSS.

I have checked now and there seems to be steps to upgrade from 6.3 to 7.0 Seems pretty advanced though. So this will need to be planned before I can upgrade it as this is a clients production setup.

Ahm, no. Seafile 6.3.13 is not the latest version.

After Seafile 6.3, there has been a version 7.0, a version 7.1, a version 8.0 and, if you spend only five minutes in the forum, you’ll realize, that version 9.0 is about to be officially released.

Then the client has been using a system that is out of support for a long time.

Looking at all the upgrade steps im feeling a little stressed out on how to do this upgrade.

Normally I would just run this to update SSL etc.

docker run -d --name seafile --net dockercloud --restart=always --ip ***
-v /opt/seafile-data:/shared
-p 80:80
-p 443:443

But now I don’t see how to also start the SSL on the new docker compose.
Any insights on this would really help.
I will need to plan this entire thing so I know exactly what to do. Im really worried about causing a long downtime.

Im not that amazing with Linux so if something goes wrong I don’t have an idea what to do to revert or quickly solve and fix the problems.