Versions of file lost after restoring it from trash


I am using version 7.0.4 CE server and found out that deleting a file with version history and restoring it, all the versions are gone.

Is this an intended behaviour?

Or do I have a problem with the trash:
Old versions of a file which are older than the history will be removed only if I change the file.
But the deleted versions are completely gone and not seen in the trash.
Running GC does not change anything, only if I empty the trash completely, the GC will delete it.

Hope somebody can help me, many thanks in advance!


I tested it again and it seems that the file version history is gone but an old snapshot can still recover the old version.
So only the list of the versions is gone but seafile can still reach these versions.

Can someone replicate this? Many thanks in advance!


This is a known limitation.

Thank you for your reply!

Can / Will this be fixed or is it not fixable?

In pro edition, from 7.0, the history is recorded in database and the problem is solved.

Thanks, good to know!

Will the CE version also get this problem fixed?

This is a bug in my eyes, that’s why I hope this will also be fixed in the CE version. This probably also explains why I have lost my whole history of the files during a larger restructuring of a folder.