Very, Very strange file upload issue

Ok, this is my first post, so please don’t hate me. I have a very very strange issue with Seafile and my PC. Our Seafile server is currently Community Edition 6.0.7. My PC is Windows 10 x64 with current updates. My issue is that I’m no longer able to upload a file to our server using ANY method. I’ve tried the web client in Chrome, Firefox, and IE 11. I’ve tried desktop client 6.1.1. I’ve tried SeaDrive client 0.8.0, None of these will let me upload a file larger than 230 KB (the SeaDrive and desktop clients won’t go beyond 16 Kb). However, my PC will upload with no issues to a different Seafile server. I’ve tried using a different login account to upload, with the same results. At this point, I thought server issue, so I asked a co-worker to try. He had no issues.
I then tried from my Android phone, and it uploaded fine (on the same network my PC is on). I went to a different PC, on a different network, and had NO issues. I was also able to upload from a different PC on my network.
So, strange as it sounds, it seems like my server and my PC aren’t speaking to each other (well, that’s not quite accurate, I am able to browse and download files with no problem. I just can’t upload).

Any tips on what the problem may be, or even where to look for an error message that might point me to the problem would be great!
Thank you in advance!

Re-install the client is my tip, and also delete the following folders before you install it again:

replace the xxx with your username.

And if that not work, do it all over again but also delete this folder:

But keep in mind that if you delete the Seafile folder your data 'll also get deleted on the client, not the server but on the client.


Thank you very much for your post. I have tried the uninstall/reinstall path, and did delete the C:\Users…\Seafile folder. I hadn’t tried the ccnet folder, which I will try later.
The real head-scratcher here, to me, is that I can’t upload through the web interface, either. It seems that this should be separate from client issues. But it’s being very difficult to troubleshoot as I’m not getting any error messages from the browser. It just starts, then stops, never crashing, but also never completing.

Thank you!

I have been seeing this issue before, in the conf folder make sure you have the right http/https address in this files.
ccnet.conf and .

But also notice that if you have some other settings in the WebGUI admin page that 'll overrun this settings so make sure that all of the settings are the same.


Thank you! I have a question, though. If the settings were wrong, or in conflict, shouldn’t that break connectivity for all users, and not just one PC? Or are these settings somehow local to the client PC (not necessarily client software)?


I did answer your question fast there, it should effect every user if the settings was in conflict.
But take a look at it as the result is the same what I have notice before.


I will ask the admin to check those files.
I only questioned your answer before because this problem is only affecting one (1) PC on one (1) server. The PC in question has no issues on other servers, and this server has no issues with other PCs/clients.
To make it stranger, this individual PC had no problems until about a week after the SeaDrive 0.8.0 client was installed on it.
I have checked my router, firewall and network adapter settings. I have tried a different network adapter. I’ve even gone so far as to use a VPN service so I could connect through a different route. Nothing has changed. The short description could be “My PC, and only my PC, will not upload to only my company’s Seafile server”.

I appreciate your help with this! Thank you very much ! :slight_smile: