Video thumbnail issues - aspect ratio, ffmpeg zombies

When I enable video thumbnails I have seen 2 problems:

  1. thumbnail is created with an “inverted” aspect ratio - there seems to be some metadata in the video in question that tells the player to rotate 90 degrees. FFmpeg (or the way it’s called) doesn’t seem to obey this when making the thumbnail

EDIT: here is some info about rotation metadata - -

  1. ffmpeg threads are still alive after thumbnails are generated - this is more of a problem than #1. with enough videos the server will probably crash

im on seahub 6.2.2 on ubuntu 16.04.3 running on odroid c2 using the rpi binaries

I can confirm this. Therefore I commented the line ENABLE_VIDEO_THUMBNAIL = True in Even the creation of the videos thumbs takes longer than should be. The videos are interrumped several times while playing. When I disable the thumbnail function it starts to play the video properly. Something is wrong here too.