Video Thumbnails Not Workinf

Enabled video thumbnails but they are not working see no errors in the logs. It could be I don’t what to look for in the logs. But no video thumbnails. Installed moviepy ver

moviepy requires Python 3. Make certain python 3 is installed on your system. Also verify that ffmpeg is installed on your system Where did you enable it? Seahub settings?

Thanks since I initially was using Python2.7 is there anything I need to do once I have Python 3 installed. I have downloaded Moviepy under Python 3.6 but still no video thumbnails

ffmpeg is installed. I enabled video thumbnails in

What is the video format for those video files?

MOV and mp4

At least the MP4 should be working. Are there any logs in the client or server about the issue?

Not sure al the logs I looked at showed nothing. What specific logs should I look at?

Most likely, the controller.log, but the seafile.log may also reveal something. A 500 error is usually generated by the API when it has a problem with a dependency.

I don’t think ffmpeg installed correctly. when checking the version of ffmpeg from a command prompt I keep getting the following error: ffmpeg.exe - Entry Point Not Found

The procedure entry point GetNumaNodeProcessorMaskEx could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNAL32.dll

Ah… So you are using the Windows version of Seafile server. What Windows version is the server on? This particular error is usually caused because there is a C++ redistributable is missing, which ffmpeg depends upon. Also, it appears you are using the 32 bit version. If your OS is 64 bit then you should be using the 64 bit version of ffmpeg.

32 bit and using windows 2008

Ok. Sounds like you have the correct version of ffmpeg installed. Check the ffmpeg website and see what dependencies it requires. Also, check the version required by Seafile. I’m betting that one of the C++ redistributables needs to be installed on that server.

One other thing I just thought about. Your Path. Did you add the bin folder of ffmpeg to your path in Windows? That, alone, may solve your problem.

I see no specfic version of ffmpeg necessary for seafile. I have version 3.0.1 working. Can’t find anything about what C++ redistributables are needed for ffmpeg.

Yes I did add the bin folder to my path in windows.

Here is what I have configured in the file

FILE_PREVIEW_MAX_SIZE = 30 * 1024 * 1024


THUMBNAIL_ROOT = ‘L:\seafile-server\seafile-data/thumbnail/thumb/’



THUMBNAIL_ROOT = ‘L:\seafile-server\seafile-data/thumbnail/video thumb/’


One thing I noticed is your video thumbnail root folder is “video thumb”. Many scripts don’t like spaces in path names. One thing you may try is calling it video_thumb and make certain you create the folder.

Another important question. Are you on Server 2008 R2?

changed to video_thumb.THe Folder is only created after I open a folder with photos. If I open a video folder the video_thumb folder will not get created.

Unfortunately I am running Server 2008

Ok. That’s probably your issue. GetNumaNodeProcessorMaskEx was not introduced into kernel32.dll until R2 of Server 2008. Note the minimum requirements on for that function on Microsoft’s development page:

Thanks, I was able to find a version of ffmpeg that works i no longer get that error. I am just not seeing the video thumbnails. I see nothing in the logs that points to an error. I did notice that when ever I change the folder in the settings. Example from “video thumb” to “video_thumb” the folder is not created. I open a folder with videos and the folder does not get created. When I open a folder with photos the “video_thumb” folder gets created. I appears that what should trigger the video thumbnails is not being triggered.

I just noticed something in your config file… You have THUMBNAIL_ROOT in there twice. Comment one of them out, restart Seafile, and see what happens. I also noticed that you have forward slashes and back slashes, which will fail. It needs to read ‘L:/seafile-server/seafile-data/thumbnail/thumb/’

If that doesn’t work, change it to backslashes.