Video Thumbnails

Greetings everybody,

I recently installed seafile-server-6.1-beta and had some trouble installing moviepy and/or pillow via pip. I can’t really recall what I’ve done exactly but in the end I thought both installed correctly. But how can I really be sure if I installed them correctly?
I created a test-repo and uploaded a .mp4-video file. When I visit this repo through Seahub I see a (static) thumbnail of this video file. Is this proof enough? Is this thumbnail supposed to be static (i.e. showing a single picture) or dynamic (i.e. a showing a short video sequence when I hover over it)?
I would be great if someone could tell what the video thumbnail feature is actually doing and what it isn’t.
Thanks a lot.

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yes, this should be the correct behaviour. It’s working.

Thanks for confirming!