View file history and recovery on MacOS


When I try to recovery file via “View file history” Finder’s extension I can’t do it.
It opens browser with file history and when I click “Recovery” on any previous version of file I’ve got “p invalid” pink box instead “Success” green box.
But if I go to file history by regular way (not via Finder’s extension) I can recovery file without any problem.

Anybody know how to fix it?
Thank you.

Server - Ubuntu 16.04 LTS + nginx
MacOS - 10.12
Client - 6.0.4

Same here. Also noticed that the first letter of the filename is missing if you open it with the finder extension menu:

Open file history with finder extension:

Open with web browser:

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Thanks for reporting the issue. We will look into the problem.

Fixed in It would be included in the upcoming release (v6.1.1) of seafile client.