Viewing an image in seahub takes a ridiculously long time to load

I have noticed that when viewing a single image via Seahub, the seaf-server process takes up 85% CPU for about 10 seconds before the image loads in my browser window.

This is exacerbated when viewing multiple images at the same time (right click on an image file and select “View in new tab”). Opening up 5 tabs to view 5 separate images resulted in 5 seaf-server processes chewing up CPU. It takes over a minute for 5 images to load.

Why is this, and how do I make it quicker?

This is 6.1.2 on CentOS 7 behind nginx.

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In 6.1 the team added image processing to seahub to reduce preview size and rotate images, iirc you should be able to disable that.

I have looked through the manual and have not found an option for this yet. Setting DISABLE_THUMBNAIL only disables the thumbnail generation, but not the new preview UI.

How do I completely disable any image processing when viewing the file? It’s crazy to me to have the UI take 10 seconds per image to view it on a 4 core, 4 GB of RAM virtual machine.

This is still an issue that needs to be looked at.

Dev team, what can I provide you to assist? I am now on an 8 core dedicated server with 64GB of RAM - viewing images in seahub is just as slow as ever. :slight_smile:

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What storage backend do you use?

Local disk, ext4

Single disk or some kind of RAID?

It’s a software raid mirror on centos 7.

The process isn’t disk bound though, the I/O is minimal when it’s generating thumbnails or viewing the image. It’s all almost 100% pegged CPU on every core.

Good, just wanted to be sure that we can rule the storage out.

@xiez any idea why it takes so long?