Web API Community edition

I am using seafile community edition . I have tried to upload a file using web api using curl command . I am entirely new to curl command as well new to sea file.
My seafile server is deployed in Windows server 2012 .From Windows 10 I am trying to upload file.
I have used the below command and replaced my token and repo id and got sucessful upload link
curl -H “Authorization: Token f2210dacd9c6ccb8133606d94ff8e61d99b477fd” https://cloud.seafile.com/api2/repos/99b758e6-91ab-4265-b705-925367374cf0/upload-link/

When tried to upload a file using the upload link it says {“error”: “Access denied”}.

Please help me what I am doing wrong in this

Please Note: I am able to create account , delete account using curl command . But anything related to file delete , create , upload not working