Web GUI .mov file playback

How is it that Nextcloud can play .mov (native recording format of iOS, which is uploaded by the camera sync option) files directly in the browser, but Seafile cannot. The files must be downloaded.
Is there a way for the end user to add this functionality?

I would also appriciate if seafile had the functionality of playing .mov-files in the browser.

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We will check how to implement it.


I would really like to thank you for that.

Very much needed. Thank you for implementing.

Done in the latest version (6.0.6).


So 6.0.6 was released on he 16th, so this should hit the Pro version in about 2 weeks from their correct, if everything in the community version works properly?

This is only true when releasing a new major version with a lot of changes. For maintenance release, the pro edition will be released soon.

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Thank you very very much for the .mov extension support.
Just one question presently when you click on a .mov file it opens a new tab to view the video, can this behavior stopped, so the video opens in the same tab?

I thought I read something about this behavior for other file types and how to change it but I can’t seem to locate it.

Sorry for reviving this old thread, but there should also be other video formats that should be able to play in the web browser, but are not implemented in seahub. For example, mkv files do not work. Is it possible to implement this?