Web UI in mobile browser does not auto load when scrolled to the bottom of a directory view.

In a desktop web browser, if a long dir view is scrolled to the end, the remaining items will be loaded automatically, thus the whole dir list can be seen.

However, in a mobile browser, e.g. Chrome/Firefox on Android, when a long dir view touches the bottom, it just gets stuck, and the remaining items will not reveal.

I’m unable to reproduce the problem. Using the Android app, I’m able to go through all files in one of my folders with 2.358 files.

So, can you clarify for me what it is you are trying to do? You state that the Web UI in the browser doesn’t auto load. Am I hearing you correctly that you are using a browser in the phone instead?

Ok… It is the browser you seemed to be talking about. I have the same issue, both when trying to use mobile mode and desktop mode. This may be an Android limitation or it could be a Seafile bug. I’ll dig deeper and see what I can find.

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I’ve done some research on this, but can’t find much information regarding a browser listing only so many file/folders in Android browsers. Is this an Android limitation, or is it a Seafile bug?

Ok… I just counted… The actual maximum count is 100 items. Seems like too perfect of a number to be a coincidence. So, it appears that somewhere, there is a limitation.


Maybe the limitation is of android, not sure though, just guessing.
However it does not mean that it could not be fixed. Since android is made for touching, the event triggered in interaction could be different from those desktop browsers, which makes the web UI dumb :stuck_out_tongue:.

This is a Seafile (seahub) bug.

It has been reported before and also occurs using PC’s from time to time.

I could imagine that the js code is not touch compatible. At least the choosen condition under which the next items are loaded is not always met when it should be.


The behavior described is also similar when it comes to desktop browsers. Here the problem could be traced by setting the screen or browser zoom to a value greater than 100%.

This is the related thread: Only first 100 folders being displayed in Firefox

Yes, but Android handles resizing completely differently. It uses font resizing rather than frame/page resizing, and even at 100% font size in Chrome, it still will not scroll past the first 100 items.

The Seafile app, however, works perfectly.