Webapi, file rename gives no succes response

Server Version: 6.1.8 (PRO)

Im trying to rename some files working with the API.
The weird thing is that I never get the 301 response code.

Even when I succesfully rename a file, it shows response code: 404: File not found.

Tried now and no problem with that. But on CE 6.2.3. I think there is no different between this API function.

I recognize that this post is over three years old but I am running CE 8.0.4 and still encounter this issue when using the /api2 endpoint for renaming. I found a reply in another post (apparently I can’t post a link so search this forum for “Is Seafile Web API 2.1 production ready” and find the reply from 2020-04-17) that pointed me to toward using the /api/v2.1 endpoints and the error went away.

Just posting this for any future readers that may encounter the same issue.