Webdav broke after CentOS 7.6 upgrade

After upgrading to CentOS 7.6 and rebooting, seafdav no longer spawns, and there are no errors being recorded in any logs that I can see, and nothing being written to seafdav.log. The only thing I am seeing that is abnormal is the controller.log no longer records the line:

“seafile-controller.c(73): spawn_process: /usr/bin/python2.7 -m wsgidav.server.run_server --log-file /home//logs/seafdav.log --pid /home//pids/seafdav.pid --port 8080 --host”

Everything else appears to be working properly except for Webdav. Any ideas on how to fix it?

I do have the following in seafdav.conf, it’s like the seafile startup script is ignoring the file all together and not starting seafdav:

enabled = true
port = 8080
fastcgi = false
share_name = /seafdav

PS: If you had used the search function before posting, you would have had your answer right away.

I got this fixed. For anyone else that runs into this, I had a “seafdav.pid” file left behind in the “pids” directory. Apparently the controller file / startup script does not handle this gracefully and decides quietly failing with no error messages or warnings at all is the correct course of action :tired_face:

Deleting this file allowed for the webdav process to start properly.

@rdb I used the search function heavily before posting this. Your linked thread was not my problem at all. The symptoms are not even the same.