WebDAV not usable with Windows and Backup-Clients - no timestamp / last modified information for folders

Hi all,

I’m using WebDAV to integrate SeaFile with another frontend.

Here I get several PHP errors (Undefined array key “{DAV:}getlastmodified”).
When I opened the WebDAV URL with WinSCP, I realized that the file-timestamp is correct, but for folder there is the nulldate (30.12.1899 00:00:00). It’s also not visible when directly accessing the WebDAV URL.

How can I include the modified information for folders to WebDAV?
(Docker with Server Version: 9.0.2)

I now integrated the WebDAV URL as an Network Drive in Windows 11.
Creation of new folders is not working:
Error: "Can’t read from source file or disk"
However, a “New Ordner” is created nevertheless.
But I cannot rename it with Windows Explorer, throwing the same error:
Error: "Can’t read from source file or disk"
Creating and deleting files is not a problem.

This error might be related to the missing folder timestamp?

Can someone confirm if it’s a general problem or specific to my setup?

Using WebDAV with Windows or Nextcloud can’t be such a rare usecase ^^

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Hi, unfortunately WEBDav does not support the transmission of the Modify timestamp. Some clients do this via metadata, but the server must support this as well. It doesn’t work in most cases, that’s why WebDAV is also useless for many purposes.

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I thought seadrive is much faster than WebDAV since it transfers multiple files at once.

I was just wondering what you’re working on, what other front end. I can’t really help you just wondering :slight_smile:

Hi gogofc,

I want to Backup Seafile data to my NAS.
There isn’t a ARM-Client, so WebDAV would be the only choice.
My NAS has the possiblility to do Filesystem-Snapshots. I like to have my data also as backup in an independent environment as plain-files.
Also, I need the files in the normal filesystem on my NAS, so that other apps (e.g. PLEX) can read it.

Seafile is only great inside it’s own ecosystem. But as soon as you need to integrate it with other services (e.g. PLEX) you would need WebDAV. However, without Folder-Timestamp, most sync services are broke and cannot work with Seadrive. Really sad, otherwise Seafile would be perfect for me.

With all over WebDAV implementations I’m using (e.g. Nextcloud) WebDAV is working perfectly.

Hi @micha06de ,

so the default implementation of WebDAV is not working with Windows and this isn’t a bug?
Because with Seafile, no folders can created under Windows network drive via Seafile WebDAV.

What about exporting the libraries and then rsync them :slight_smile:


You can export unencrypted libraries into plain EXT4 fs or whatever you got.

You could do that for plain files on the NAS, and then also do a rsync backup of seafile-data seahub-data and mysqldump so when you restore the passwords are saved also :slight_smile:

I did this for someone:


It has the rsync command needed to also delete files on the syncing server when deleted at origin. In case u need it.