Webinterface works slow outside local network

Im running Seafile server 7.0.4 on linux mint 19.2.
Inside my local network it works perfect but when im outside my router the webinterface is very slow and sometimes it says network failure.
Port forward in the router tells me that TCP port 80, 433, 8000 and 8082 is routed to my server.
Any suggestions?

Slow uplink? Or good uplink but busy doing other stuff?

Uploading and downloading to/from server works fine. The only problem seems to be the web gui

I speculate you use Firefox and a Let’s Encrypt SSL-certificate or even a self-signed one? Please try with Chrome.

Im already using Chrome

If you open the Developer Tools and look at the Network tab (or Tools > Web Developer > Network) you might get a sense of how fast the page is loading and where the bottleneck is. You can compare results from both sides of your router.

I’m wondering if you’re actually experiencing the same issue I posted about recently. I’m new to Seafile and discovered that the web interface shouldn’t be used for transferring large numbers of files and that the sync client works very well for large transfers. Also, I think the “network error” message happens when a transfer lasted 1 hour, since the system is set up by default to stop any transfer that takes more than 1 hour. Using the sync client removes that limitation. Also note that you can do a one time transfer rather than sync’ing, and sometimes one file fails and it will hang indefinitely until the user clicks “retry”. Choosing to sync removes that problem. You can unsync the directory when finished.