What does the "x minutes ago" mean?


(in Windows client v6.1.3) What does the “X minutes ago” text under each library mean?

I tested it:

  • it is not the time since last sync (I clicked “Sync now”, but it kept saying “20 minutes ago”)
  • it is not the time since actual changes were uploaded to the server (I made a local change and watched it get synced to server)
  • it seems it to be the time of last download of changes from the server (I made a change in the cloud browser)

Is this configurable? We are using seafile as a backup solution and it goes client->server most of the time, so information about server->client traffic is not very interesting.


Time information in client update some magically. But you can try your testing again, but after some change hit information update button in client, I think that it will show you right information (did some test on my instance).

It should be the time the library was changed last (by any user).

For the rest @holantomas answer applies.

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My tests contradict that (second item in my list).

Have you clicked the reload button?

I think the update was automatic.

yes it is but it seems like the update have bigger interval. so if you hit update button as I said you will see actual last update time on your libraries

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