Where does seafile get used/available size to display in client/web?

So, I hesitate to ask this question, as similar-sounding questions have been asked many times about seafile vs actual disk usage. Inaccurate disk usage is not my question, but I’d like to understand where these numbers (particularly the second one) come from? For example, my seafile web UI currently shows: “Used: 360.2 GB / 507.4 GB”. In the client, it shows a little bar graph along with those numbers which appears to be ~70% full. In reality, the storage (a ZFS dataset) is ~12TB in total size, with 408G used by seafile. I fully understand why the “used” number is inaccurate compared to what ZFS reports, but what’s going on with the second number? Does it mean something I don’t understand, or where does it come from?

I guess I should add that I’m running the server as the standard docker compose stack (controlled by portainer if that matters). Is this maybe some weird docker interaction, where docker imposes a default 500G disk quota I don’t know about on the container? I certainly didn’t do so explicitly.

Can you post a screenshot? 507.4 GB is likely the limit you set to the user. In Seafile web UI, there is no place showing the actual disk size.

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Thank you Daniel, that’s exactly what it was showing! Somehow, I apparently imposed a quota on myself, even though it didn’t show I had a quota in the “Users” admin page. But when I edited myself, and entered “0” into the quota, the second number went away. Now it shows “Used: 360.2 GB / --”. Thank you for clearing that up! :slight_smile: