Where has Seafile Client 6.1.2 gone?

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seafile client 6.1.2 was already available for download. I downloaded and installed it on my Windows machine. When I wanted to do the same with a Mac, this version isn’t available anymore but the changlog still is there.
What has happened? Was there a bug? Should I go back to 6.1.1?

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Client change log is shared with all platforms. So if is there 6.1.2 for windows, it doesn’t mean that there is same version for MAC. For examplet there was a long time 6.1.2 for Linux but for Windows only 6.0.7

Yes, but they somehow retracted the 6.1.2 macOS version (& Windows version, too).
A couple of my users (including myself) are already using it.
Therefore I am wondering why it isn’t available for download anymore.


Looks like there was a bug. I see no reason other than that why I should be removed from the download page.

Hi Jochen, some new icon files included in seafile client 6.1.2 is not using the correct version from the designer. We’ve fixed that and would release a 6.1.3 version soon (alongside with other fixes).

Thanks for clarification! Already spotted and installed 6.1.3. Thanks for the great work, you’re doing!

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