Which deployment option for a raspberry pi 4?

Hi all,

I recently bought a raspberry pi 4 after using seafile on a raspberry pi 1st generation a few years ago. I used to have to install everything by hand but it looks like seafile has made quite some progress! Unfortunately I am out of touch and I am not sure anymore how I should install seafile on my raspberry?

Can I deploy seafile using docker? Something else I didn’t understand from the documentation: what do I need to install before I start the docker installation? I see that I need to populate the mysql fields in the configuration files - does this mean that I have to use MySQL as opposed to SQLite? I am not sure which dependencies I should install before I start following the “deploy with docker” documentation.

Sorry for these questions which might seem pretty stupid! I had never heard of docker before today.


@NicoN I was not really sure if the Seafile Server Docker had a branch por (ARM), but after reading this and that I will recommend you to use the rpi-version from here.

I still recommend deploying it with MySQL and Nginx.

  1. https://download.seafile.com/published/seafile-manual/deploy/using_mysql.md
  2. https://download.seafile.com/published/seafile-manual/deploy/deploy_with_nginx.md
  3. https://download.seafile.com/published/seafile-manual/deploy/https_with_nginx.md

OK thanks a lot, I used the script from the rpi-version as you mentioned and everything seems to have worked. I am not sure which steps this script is supposed to replace in the manual, though? For instance I can’t find the “conf” folder when I should be able to configure seafile. I am guessing I also need to install MySQL and nginx?
I am sorry to ask such dumb questions: a few years ago I was able to follow the installation guide but right now I feel a bit lost with the documentation.