Which file to download for pro installation via script?


I’d like to install seafile pro 6.0.6 on Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS via the installer script. Which file do I have to download? The installer script searches for seafile-pro-server_6.0.6_x86-64.tar.gz but there is also a seafile-pro-server_6.0.6_x86-64_Ubuntu.tar.gz available for download! What’s the difference?

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Hi Jochen,

Please have a look at this post:

I would say that you only need to use this version if you want to use one of these features. You also could manually switch to the binary package if the installer only downloads the other version.

Hi Marcus,

thank you. If the fixed Ceph and LDAPS stuff is the only difference in the Ubuntu-file, I’d go with the standard file.