Why does seahub need fastcgi?

Hi all,

I have seafile working fine so far. My question though is why is fastcgi recommended when you have seahub behind a proxy? I have seen this question asked a few times without any specific answers.

What is the performance/stability gain with fastcgi vs just an http proxy?

Thanks for the clarification!

Using fastcgi your webserver (usually nginx) automatically spawns fastcgi processes and respawns them once they crash (it is extremely unlikely that nginx crashes - that’s why this is an advantage). Using a proxy, the proxy forwards the requests to the buildin webserver. There is more overhead and it is more likely that the buildin webserver crashes (and there is more software in the chain that could be vulnerable to security issues) needing you to manually restart it. Haven’t looked into it, but it is very likely, that the buildin webserver then also passes the requests using fastcgi.