Why I am not Able to access my Library- Getting Error

I was giving a try and installed the Phython and followed with Installed Seafile on a Windows 2008 R2 Server . On completing the installation, User addition Success. All fine
I am able to login. But I am shown an error , No library to Display. I tried creating one and setting that as the default Library No luck.

Did an Uninstall and re did it from scratch , still no luck so I am here where did I go wrong.

Thanks in advance

Can you provide more information?

  • Are you logging into the webui?
  • Are you behind NGinx or Apache?
  • Are you using the stock database or an alternate?
  • What version of Python did you install?
  • Is the Python executable folder in the environment PATH statement?
  • What happens when you try to create a library?
  • Have you installed a sync client? Does the new library show up in the client?


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