Wiki on Seafile - Some documentation please?

I try to use the wiki on seafile (test on
I have a library ‘wiki personnel’ with some *.md file.
But I don’t understand how to use and publish these pages.
For example, how work the Manually or automatic generated?


Public wiki is a deprecated feature. We only use is on

Thanks for this information.

@tmadillo Would you remove the “Turorial” tag? This is no tutorial so lets try to keep the tutorial category “clean”. :wink:

OK, I put on ‘Seafile Client’ tag.
I don’t find a ‘miscellaneous’ tag ?

If I understood you right you was asking for something related to the Seafile Webinterface (Seahub). So maybe @daniel.pan can add a tag Seafile Webinterface (Seahub)?

Is that deprecation documented somewhere?

When I was reading about Seafile, I noticed this commenton reddit: “Seafile is awesome but its core is file sync and remote access. It has a really poorly conceived wiki function that I’d never turn on, but the file sync is ROCK SOLID”.

Hopefully the wiki isn’t distracting too much from the core focus, but it seems like that is pretty well locked down at this point…

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Does this feature ever come back? :slight_smile:

I started a discussion on a general purpose plugin infrastructure in

Good idea!

This functionality is very practical, especially for business use. I do not understand that it has to disappear. The wiki is fine now, just keep it up and done.

Is Public wiki deprecated or wiki in general? Just to know…