Wiki Structure and synchronisation problem


i’m on pro 6.3.7

I’m investigating a new wiki software, WikiJS, which is quite interesting in terms of features.

Great interface

Folder browsing


But let’s stay on Seafile :yum:

I’d like to provide read-only (and maybe write) access to wikiJs as an combined alternative to Seafile wikis (which i support actively)
One option is to synchronize the all wiki data (folders, md files and assets) between WikiJS and Seafile. Then Seafile and wikiJS users (who may be not the same) can access and edit same files.

The sync process works thanks to the linux seaf-client and Wikis are synchronized.

But the wiki structure is not the same, as wikiJs can store md files in subfolders, wherehas seafile do not seem to like md files stored into folders (its browsing feature is more “file designed” than “page design”)

You can have a look a this subfolder, in which icons are not displayed correctly. This is the same behaviour for images, which surprises me more.

BTW, i’d also like to ignore the .git folder. I suppose it can be done on the seaf-cli config file.
I’d also like to determine the synch interval or start/stop seaf-cli with a script.
Does anyone did that ?

@daniel.pan, could you give your opinion ?


For this problem, do you use a sub-domain, like

You can add seafile-ignore.txt file to the library top folder to ignore certain files and folders. More on this:


I do use a subdomain, like but if never happened before.


Thank you.

We will look into the problem.

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