Wikis lost after Seafile upgrade


After an upgrade from Seafile CE 6.2.5 to Seafile CE 6.3.2 all clients “lost” their Wiki pages. To be precise Wiki pages are not lost, actually they still exits on server as standard Libraries so all the data is still there. Problem is that they are just not showing in Wiki view on Seafile Web as they should. When I click on Wiki in sidebar navigation on the Web I get a message “You do not have any wiki” but under libraries my wiki I created before the upgrade Wiki shows up as a standard library.

I have checked in mysql and there is no records in (not sure is this the correct table name since I can’t remember it right now but it is something similar. Will check tomorrow) table in seahub-db database. This is the table that should contain wikis details for all users such as owner, wiki name, permissions, creation date etc. but for some reason it is empty. Since this table is empty SEAHUB can’t show anything to users when they login.

I already know that I can populate this table manually whit some SQL queries and everything will work but i’m wondering is there a better maybe cleaner solution for fixing this since I’ll rather skip messing with DB if I don’t really have to.

Anyone experience something like this ? Is this maybe a bug?


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We are experiencing a similar issue with the Professional Edition!
Probably there were some missing migrations?

From what I can see, all new wikis will be recorded in seahub-db.wiki_wiki, while all previous wikis were in seahub-db.wiki_personalwiki and seahub-db.wiki_groupwiki - is that correct?
So it should be possible to simply migrate these two tables together (like the file comment migration script that we had in 6.3).


Hi @schlarbm,

Please run migration script with following command in v6.3 when Seahub is up.

./ python-env seahub/ migrate_personal_wiki

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@xiez What about adding an script to the upgrade folder?

Okay - that seems to have worked - but what about the Group wikis?

The old group wiki can still work but is not necessary. Now users can create wiki from a library and share that library to a group. All group members can see the wiki.

Yes, but what about all of the existing Group Wikis?

Are the users expected to re-create all their group wikis by hand?

I know you don’t really like the wiki functionality, but as I said before, we have quite a lot of users which use it…

The existing Group Wikis are preserved in 6.3 version. The link is still valid. The users don’t need to recreate them.

But there are no links shown in Seahub for Group Wikis, so a user would only be able to access it by having a bookmark from some time ago, right?

Hi @schlarbm

Please download this script to seafile-server-latest/seahub/seahub/wiki/management/commands/

Run migration command as ./ python-env seahub/ migrate_group_wiki which will migrate the data from GroupWiki table to Wiki table.

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