Will Elastic Search License change effect Seafile search?


I just read that Elastic search changes it’s license to a not so open one:

The Apache 2.0-licensed source code of Elasticsearch and Kibana will be changed to be dual licensed under SSPL and the Elastic License. This means that when using the source code, you can choose which set of terms and conditions will best meet your needs. Our default distribution will continue to be published under the Elastic License as it has been for nearly the last three years, so if you are not using the source code directly, this does not affect you.

Here is a German News Article of this Golem.de: IT-News für Profis

Will this affect Seafile file search?

I’m also interested in this question!

Currently we are using 5.5 version, which is not affected by the license change. For using a newer version, we will need to obtain a license from ElasticSearch or compile a version from the source code, or the users need to download the ElasticSearch distribution by themselves.

If you are using the docker version, you are not affected, as the ES runs in its own docker that downloaded in when you run the docker compose.

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I don’t think it effects Seafile unless someone would host the Professional Edition and perform changes to Elasticsearch.

Whether docker is used or not isn’t a criteria regarding the license. It makes no difference.

So the basic idea (as I understood) is to prevent making profit solely out of Elasticsearch while not giving anything back (by either contributing the optimization and management code OR buying a commercial license).