Will SeaCloud[dot]cc will shutdown in December 1th, 2019?

When i go to the page seacloud[dot]cc i have a upper warning information :

“SeaCloud[dot]cc will be shutdown in December 1th, 2019. You may choose the service provided by our partner en[dot]yoursecurecloud[dot]de.”

I couldn’t find any information elsewhere on the internet.

Is that true ?
The free server server linked to “seafile[dot]com” is closing or will it replaced ?

Yes, the seacloud.cc service is going to be closed. Users can host their own or move to our hosting partners.

We know that there are still some users using it. But it’s generally not actively used. Since public hosting service for Seafile is not our focus, we decided to shut it down by the end of this year.


Hi Rosebud,
here a (not comprehensive) list of hosting providers using Seafile:






I hope that one of those will suit you.

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Hi @rosebud,

in case you need more information from us (Your Secure Cloud - https://en.yoursecurecloud.de/), you are welcome to contact me via the forum or mail and try our service. We use Seafile Professional as seacloud.cc currently does and use OnlyOffice, so you can edit your office files in the browser. As @rdb already wrote, we are located in Germany and store your files in our german data center.

I would be very happy to hear from you.

Of course there are other Seafile providers for you to choose and datamate (@rdb) if you want to setup your own server and need consulting / seafile licenses.

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