Will the macOS KEXT deprecation impact SeaDrive?


It seems that FUSE for Mac is also changing directions. It is no longer open source.

Looks like they have their own API called FileProvider:


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Look like Seafile Ltd. is aware of it and possibly bought a license.


The change is not affecting vfs drivers at the moment. So OSXFuse is not affected yet. We’ll follow this with the OSXFuse author.

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We also noticed this API. We haven’t tried that. But from what we heard on the internet it’s not actually working or released yet. It’s also limited to the Finder itself, not a virtual filesystem driver. So you cannot access the file from terminal. We’ll follow the development of the kernel extension API change and this new API.

BTW we did buy a license from the OSXFuse author.

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FileProvider is fairly stable now. OneDrive is using it and Nextcloud is currently testing it for their client. Is there currently any plan to revamp SeaDrive for macOS to use the FileProvider API?

KEXT installation is already fairly laborious on recent versions of macOS and Apple Silicon. It’s only a matter of time until macFUSE stops working completely.

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Thanks for the information. We’ll look into File Provider again this year.


Anything related FileProvider API in development right now? Your app may be a game changer for Mac users then.

We’re now working on it. We’ll release a beta version in Q4.


I’d be very pleased to see this as I’ve recently jumped from Nextcloud to Seafile and am locked out of Seadrive while testing macOS Ventura

Apart from WebDAV, obviously!