Windows 11 with Seafdav/Webdav save issue


we are using Seafdav at Seafile in newest Version 9.0.10.
We use Webdav native drives at Windows 11 Pro. Problem is that when
a new Word, Wordpad, Notepad, Excel document will save into the drive, we get an error.
When we does a right-click → new doc within at any webdav folder, when it works fine.

So has anyone face the same issue?

regards, Norman

Does anyone has faced the same issue?

This behavior is only by Windows 11 Webdav Drives. Windows 10 doesnt has such issues.
This issue appears only when i open new Document Editor like Notepad, Wordpad, Word, Excel etc. → Save as → choose webdav drive. I get the error “an unexpected error occurs on drive z:”
In the Webdav drive i see the document with 0 Bytes.

When i does a rightclick within the webdav drive → new wordpad/notepad/word document → save it then it works. So it seems that windows 11 blocks writing to webdav by save new documents into the webdav drives

In seafdav…log i see:
PUT My Libary/orga/test.txt dest=“http:”, elap=0,000sec → 423 Locked

I dont know what could be the reason but at current webdav is not usable with Windows 11 :frowning:

We also encounter the same problem following an upgrade to Windows 11. Does anyone have a solution?

Hello, have you enabled HTTPS for your Seafile deployment?

Could you upgrade your Seafile to the latest version of either 10 or 11 and then check if the issue persists?